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Reflections on a new webinar series to inspire careers

Aberdeen Standard Capital is sponsoring a series of webinars by St Margaret’s School in Aberdeen, with an array of guest speakers drawn from many fields who will paint a picture of future careers for secondary school pupils.

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How to run an investment manager review process

As someone who has previously worn a charity trustee and finance committee hat, Julie Hutchison, offers a series of tips to help trustees run an investment manager review process and run it well.

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School governors: six top governance tips for 2021

Miranda Richards, Schools Specialist, offers her reflections on the year of Covid-19, in which schools were closed, exams abandoned, and results algorithmically challenged. To help governors take stock, Miranda provides some top tips going into 2021.

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Investment Q&A from our Scotland charity webinar

Our Head of Charities (Scotland), Gair Brisbane, follows-up on some of the more detailed investment questions posed during our charity webinar on 11th June.

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A period of grace is granted

Julie Hutchison offers her reflections on the second Covid-19 update webinar hosted by OSCR, the Scottish Charity Register.

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Resilience and reassurance: reflections on the first OSCR Covid-19 update webinar

Julie Hutchison offers her reflections on the first Covid-19 update webinar, the Scottish Charity Register.

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Charity Blog Market Outlook 2020

Our Global Economics Team have highlighted five key themes which are set to influence the global economic and investment landscape in 2020.

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Charity investment guidance for the 21st century

To what extent should a charity align its investments with the charity’s purposes?

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The charity investment 'tipping point'

What are the barriers to charities adopting an appropriate investment strategy? How can they overcome them? We commissioned a survey to help charity trustees and finance officers better understand these barriers. The survey identified the steps that charities must take before they reach their optimal strategy. We set out six factors that help explain investment decision making.

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Charity investment journey - from cash to investment

Our interviews revealed four discrete steps that charities go through on their journey from holding cash to investing. These four steps are combined into a decision tree.

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'Tipping Point' Toolkit

Identifying your barriers: a toolkit for charity investors. The toolkit will identify the steps you need to take to continue along the investment journey. We pose eight questions that charities should ask themselves. The answers help identify what is preventing effective decision making. The questions are grouped under three categories: people, policy & process, and public perception.

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Ethical investing and Welsh public sector charities

In light of rules introduced in 2015, ethical investing for charities has taken a new direction in Wales. The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 obliges public sector charities in Wales to operate in a way that meets the 'sustainable development' definition in the Act.

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The legal framework for investment policy

Ethical investment considerations are not new. Indeed, the court case that underpins how a charity board should approach investment policy discussions is over 20 years old, but it remains as relevant today as it was then.

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Supporting the education sector

How does your board approach investments? The education sector in the UK is diverse and that diversity is represented among our charity clients at Aberdeen Standard Capital. From independent schools and grant-making educational trusts, to a music school and an Oxford college, we have extensive experience in supporting a range of bodies that focus on education.

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Ethical investing & good governance

How does your charity board approach ethical investing? For some of you, this may be a new discussion point. For others, you may want to take a fresh look at your organisation's investments and review your ethical policy. Likewise, if your organisation does not already take an ethical approach to investments, perhaps now is the time to consider whether your charity's purposes might require you to adopt one.

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Charity Investment Solutions

Aberdeen Standard Capital is an independent discretionary investment manager with extensive experience working with both large and small charitable organisations across the UK.

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