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The Sustainable Managed Portfolio Service with full environmental, social and governance disclosure.

Now more than ever social and environmental criteria are impacting mainstream investing and are increasingly expected as standard.

Not everyone is able to respond with the skill and transparency of Aberdeen Standard Capital. Fortunately we are in the position to offer a sustainable managed portfolio service that caters for a wide variety of clients looking to ‘do the right thing’.

At Aberdeen Standard Capital, our vision is to invest for a better future – everything we do is focused on generating the best long-term investment outcomes for your clients. Our goal is to identify investments that are helping to create a more sustainable world – to make a difference for your clients, society and the wider world, while delivering financial returns.

Sustainable Managed Portfolio Service

Aberdeen Standard Capital’s Sustainable Managed Portfolio Service offers a comprehensive investment solution that targets five different levels of risk.

It’s a simple, transparent and cost-efficient way for investors to benefit from our deep investment resource, risk controls and expertise in managing multi-asset portfolios.

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There’s a raft of sustainable investing and ESG-related regulations to get to grips with. Here we highlight some of the key changes and measures advisers need to know about.

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Cracking the Code – understanding the updated 2020 Stewardship Code

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Outsourcing and ESG – the grass may well be ‘greener’

With the continued rise of conscientious clients there’s now another key reason to consider outsourcing – and it’s green all over. In an ever changing investment world we explore the key drivers for change and why now is a good time ensure you are fit and ready for a greener future and positioned to deliver great investment outcomes for your clients.

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Prepare for impact

Most investors want to achieve positive long-term returns. But many also seek to achieve more than just profit by investing for impact. But how does it work and can it make a difference? Here we take a closer look at impact investing and how our approach can help create a measurable positive impact on society and the environment.

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The rise of sustainable investing

More of us are choosing sustainable options in all areas of our lives including our finances. Here we look at the rise of responsible and sustainable investing from niche to mainstream and how we approach this at Aberdeen Standard Capital.

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Investment involves risk. - The value of investments, and the income from them, can go down as well as up and an investor may get back less than the amount invested. Past performance is not a guide to future results.